Gateway to Alluring BC

Luxury Hotel and Convention Centre, Condos, Retail Outlets and Restaurants

The “Gateway to Alluring BC” is a mixed-use development that is being proposed at the intersection of Pacific Highway & 2nd Avenue. As the name suggests the development aims to be a landmark gateway for the visitors entering from USA towards Canada.

The design and massing of the development is envisioned to create a contemporary style architecture with features of West Coast Architecture characters to create an extension of Peace Arch Border crossing. Included in the proposal are a luxury hotel and convention centre, mixed use condos, retail outlets and restaurants.


The visitors are welcomed with an inviting entrance Glulam Canopy in the shape of waves of the ocean creating an awe with endless possibilities and a sense of excitement.

The building is divided into three main components,

  • The main podium houses the main Reception and entrance, a double height convention center, restaurants & lounges with open terrace seating and SPA with Outdoor Swimming pool, among other entertainment amenities, to name few.
  • The hotel block is designed to have terraces and stepped form to reduce the effect of one voluminous / girthy built form on the main entrance towards Canada. The use of glass façade reduces the gargantuan of the building. The retail strip is proposed towards the Pacific Highway, for ease of access and to create a more ground oriented development.
  • The Apartment block is tucked towards the 175A St, towards the residential neighborhood, to connect with the existing zoning.